That sweet taste in my mouth that I used to get sometimes when I was running didn’t only derive from my exercise habits.  You see, I had been so sick that I was desperate, and I had decided to whole-heartedly take my doctor’s advice concerning my blood sugar and eating habits.  I knew that something dreadful had been amiss in my system, and that I needed to replenish my injured defenses.

So, I read everything I could about what foods best heal what conditions, and as I pored over the virtues of different vegetable and fruits, I decided to apply my self-discipline to what I ate, so that I would build up my body’s strength again.

Therefore, I struck out white sugar, white flour, any kind of fat that was solid at room temperature (i.e., butter, shortening, deep-fat-fried-foods, etc.), and, as much as I could, any kind of chemical additives (so, no salad dressing.)

Before you throw up your hands in horror at the spartan, painful, abstemious nature of this “sacrifice,”  consider the taste of a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth egg pie, fragrant with shaved parmesan and luscious spinach, accompanied by a crisp salad of baby greens with feta cheese…..

spinach quiche


yummy salad of baby greens


Or, imagine a warm, gooey flourless chocolate torte with warm vanilla pudding coconut cream pouring over it, topped with strawberries and blueberries and raspberries….

chocolate layered dessert with oranges


strawberry tarts


Or, possibly, the aroma of soft-as-a-cloud whole grain waffles, made light with yogurt and foamy eggs, drizzled with real maple syrup, melting with olive-oil-butter, heaped with slices of banana and piles of blueberries, possibly finished off with a dab of warm peanut butter or almond butter, and shavings of chocolate?

waffles with bananas



blueberry banana crepes


I mean, my philosophy in the kitchen is, “….if it doesn’t taste good, why eat it?”

Even God said, “O taste and see that the Lord is good,” right?

There is a problem with how people perceive “health food”–they think that it tastes like cardboard, and that it really, secretly, will make you fat anyway, and, they think, isn’t it ridiculously expensive?  And, they say, aren’t those wackos who preach about organic food and non-GMO produce, just some kind of crazy zealots?

Actually, what will make you fat are simple, refined white sugars and flours.  Conversely, the nutrients that make your vivid, alive, gorgeous, colorful berries and spinach and broccoli those amazing colors are amazingly healing for your body, and in order to not get fat, and rather, increase your muscle tone and mass, you need healthy protein.  Proteins like, say, a warm and savory quinoa parmesan “couscous” pilaf, or a marinated lemon-garlic-herb salmon fillet browned in olive oil and served over wilted baby spinach, perhaps along with a tomato-mozzerella salad with herbs and olive oil….

tomato mozzerella salad with herbs and olive oil

marinated salmon

pretty green apples


In future posts, I will give you some of my own recipes, so that you will be able to easily prepare, in a few minutes’ time, nourishing repasts for your family.  You will learn to listen to your body’s cry for the healing nutrients it needs in order to repair itself, and how to identify which foods and vegetables and fruits will ease the particular problems and pains you have.

“Do you want to be well?”  -Jesus Christ.

(My twelve-flavor crepe stack cake will be featured soon:)

My twelve-flavor crepe stack cake recipe


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