I love Truth.

You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”   -Jesus

Sometimes I watch my little piano students struggle with the fear of all of those notes on the page confronting them, or the yawning abyss of the Unknown, or the prospect of trying to play music by ear, or the thought of going up on stage and placing themselves in the vulnerable position of performer, and I want to let them know somehow, “it’s not as hard as you’re afraid it is; after you do this a few times, you’ll read music just like breathing…..”

And I hope that, after you read my words, you will long for just a taste of freedom:  the freedom of feeling sweet good health coursing through your veins from nutrient-rich, colorful broccoli and blueberry and spinach gourmet food; the freedom of letting go of your guilt and hurdling those mental roadblocks that tell you ‘you’re not good enough or smart enough or rich enough or _____ enough to reach that vision….’  or the freedom to wisely organize your time, grouping your tasks in your optimum rhythm and analyzing when you need to let go of the TV or the extra activities or spending, so that you can finish that crochet project or best friend’s baby quilt or book you knew would change your life.

I read an archaic story, perhaps in Tennyson’s work, of a poet-girl who said, ‘I must have my dreams if I must live, for they are mine,’ and, ‘wisdom is not like a gathering of knowledge like leaves heaping up under the boughs of a tree/ rather, wisdom is like a dawn that comes up slowly, out of an unknown ocean….’

My friend, I hope you turn your face toward the dawn and worship the Maker of the sunrise.



The joys of Yiddish

The joys of Yiddish

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Shepherd’s Pie

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